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The Northwest Montana Lakes Network (NMLN) is a partnership between Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks and the Whitefish Lake Institute.

Our mission is to recruit and train citizen scientist volunteers to monitor water quality, identify and report Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) and promote watershed stewardship in Northwest Montana. Volunteers are generally the first responders to a water quality issue or an AIS sighting.

Through the work of the volunteers in the program, lake data is collected and an annual report is prepared detailing the health and status of these lakes.

Volunteer monitoring is a critical component for the early detection of AIS in Flathead, Lake, Lincoln, and Missoula counties).

Citizen Scientist Awards Meet recipients of the NWMTLVMN Citizen Scientist Volunteer Service Awards



Whitefish Area Water Resources Report: A Status of the Whitefish Lake Watershed-A comprehensive watershed-level report documenting historical knowledge and anslyzing data to increase our understsanding of local water resources and enable us to make more informed resource management decisions.

The Montana Lake Book 3rd Edition-Actions You Can Take to Protect Your Lake-This 3rd edition book explains how lakes function, how they are threatened and how they can be protected.
It also spells out simple actions Download your copy now...

Flathead Watershed Sourcebook-A Guide to an Extraordinary Place is now available.

This is an excellent reference for citizens and educators of the Flathead Basin. To obtain your copy, Read More...

Training Sessions

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